little strokes fell great oaks

little strokes fell great oaks
Cf. ERASMUS Adages I. viii. multis ictibus deiicitur quercus, the oak is felled by many blows.

c 1400 Romaunt of Rose l. 3688 For no man at the firste strok Ne may nat felle down an ok.

1539 R. TAVERNER tr. Erasmus’ Adages 26v Wyth many strokes is an oke ouerthrowen. Nothyng is so stronge but that lyttell and lyttell maye be brought downe.

1591 SHAKESPEARE Henry VI, Pt. 3 II. i. 54 And many strokes, though with a little axe, Hews down and fells the hardest-timber’d oak. By many hands your father was subdu’d.

1757 B. FRANKLIN Poor Richard Improved: 1758 (Mar.) Stick to it steadily and you will see great Effects; for..Little Strokes fell great Oaks.

1869 C. H. SPURGEON John Ploughman’s Talk xxii. ‘By little strokes Men fell great oaks.’ By a spadeful at a time the navvies digged..the embankment.

1981 Family Circle Feb. 57 From the cradle to the grave we are reminded that..great oaks are only felled by a repetition of little strokes.

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